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Building Front-Parking lot at 7th and Fulton

Hall front jpg.jpg

Building Entryway

Hall Picture.jpeg

Entry Door-Welcome!!

Hall door jpg.jpg

Meeting Schedule

SUNDAY- 11:00 am-11th Step Study @ the Hall.. *Open

SUNDAY- 8:00 pm-Big Book Study @ the Hall. **Closed

MONDAY - Noon @ the Hall. *Open

MONDAY-5:30 pm @ the Hall. *Open

MONDAY- 7:00 pm. Step and Tradition Study @ the Hall. **Closed***

TUESDAY- Noon @ the Hall. *Open

TUESDAY- 5:30 Women’s meeting @ the Hall. *Open

TUESDAY- 7:00 pm-Men’s Study meeting @ the Hall. **Closed

WEDNESDAY- Noon @ the Hall. *Open

WEDNESDAY-7:00 pm-"Came to Believe" book study @ Hall. *Open

THURSDAY - Noon @ the Hall. *Open

THURSDAY- 5:30 pm @ the Hall. 116 1/2 E Chestnut. *Open

FRIDAY- Noon @ the Hall. *Open

FRIDAY- 7:00 pm @ the Hall. **Closed

SATURDAY- Noon @ the Hall. Grapevine Meeting. *Open

SATURDAY- 8:00 pm @ the Hall. *Open


*Open meetings-anyone may attend.

**Closed meetings- alcoholics only may attend.

***1st Monday of the month is the Group Business Meeting-Closed

Join us as we keep trudging the road of happy destiny together!

116 1/2 E Chestnut Garden City Ks


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